Providing insight and behind the scenes vision into everything that makes Australia Zoo a global conservation leader, Crikey! Club is the best way to stay connected to Australia Zoo, the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and Wildlife Warriors.

Irwin Family

Learn how conservation shapes the Irwin family's lives with Steve's nail-biting wild encounters, Bindi's insights and all the fun Robert gets up to! With exclusive vision of their adventures, it's the ultimate video hub for all wildlife enthusiasts.


Viewers can tag along with the incredible Australia Zoo Rescue Unit as they embark on epic rescue missions which are never the same. They save native Aussie wildlife who find themselves in trouble, from snakes to koalas and kangaroos, bats, possums, frogs, sea turtles and more!

Australia Zoo

We'll take you on a journey and show you first-hand the work we do during our exciting day-to-day Zoo activities. Watch as our keepers provide animal updates and show you what it's like to live a little on the wild side!


Increasing our knowledge of wildlife species and the issues that are threatening their survival is a vital part of our work. Our team is at the forefront of ground-breaking research in the field of wildlife conservation, with our work having significant positive impacts around the world.

Wildlife Hospital

Observe our passionate and dedicated veterinary team at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital as they take in and treat animals who would not survive without their world-class care. They're often forced to think fast on their feet whilst giving their hearts to every patient.